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Our Adiyogi Roll-on Gift Pack in includes Meditation, Adiyoga & Balancing Body Roll On. Have a look below to know in details

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Adiyogi Roll-on Gift Pack

Beautiful Combo of Mediation, Balancing & Adiyoga Body Roll On to help you to go to next level of Mediation and Yoga, via reduction of negative energy, elevating feelings of positivity, determination, optimism, gratitude, and self-respect. Balancing Chakras and relaxing tight muscles.

There’s no better gift you can give your loved ones than the gift that help them to improve their health & well-ness. Adiyogi Roll-on Gift Pack includes three best aromatic fragrance roll on gifts that specially take care of every aspect of your well-being by stimulating your olfactory system.  In which about to know below in details

Meditation Body Roll On – When Meditation Essential Oil is incorporated into the practice of meditation, it can help to centre, ground, and focus the mind and helps eliminate or reduce negative energy and self-talk from the body and mind by encouraging insightful, elevating feelings of positivity, determination, optimism, gratitude, and self-respect.

Adiyoga Body Roll On – Adiyoga is useful for relaxing tight muscles, opening of heart and helping create energy flow. It helps improve emotional and mental well-being. Used, can be a beautiful compliment to yoga practice.

Balancing Body Roll On – To achieve balance in all areas of life, chakras need to be balanced, in alignment and spinning just right. Balancing Essential Oil can help you achieve that balance.

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