Headache Relief 100 % Natural


Keeps headache away 100% naturally


About Vrinda:
Brand “Vrinda” has emerged as a leader in category of Essential Oils, Aromatic Oils, Headache Relief Aroma Oil, Blended Therapeutic Essential Oils, Body Roll On.

About Aromatic Oils:
Aromatic Oils stimulates reception in our brain and activate the region that controls our limbic system. Our limbic system is what triggers our emotions, memory, learning & motivation. When our body smells a particular scent at a particular time, such as during meditation or prayer, our body immediately goes into that certain state of mind.
We work very closely with Blenders who have been in existence since Mogul era to develop unique blends of Essential, Therapeutic & Aromatic Oils, which helps reduce body and headache pain, reduce cold, meditate, balance chakras, etc.



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  1. Shristhy

    Great, Affordable Products. I definitely recommend this company

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