Lemon Grass Therapeutic Essential Oil

It helps overpower feelings of nervousness or eliminate mental fatigue. Helps promote a positive outlook and heighten awareness. It naturally repels insects.



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Benefits Of Lemon Grass Therapeutic Essential Oil

It helps overpower feelings of nervousness or eliminate mental fatigue. Helps promote a positive outlook and heighten awareness. It naturally repels insects.

Lemon Grass Therapeutic Essential Oil is good for aromatherapy and massage therapy. Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, lemongrass is said to be the oil of energetic cleansing. In this way, it might be helpful in clearing energy from a home or letting go of negative energy that you might be holding onto. This may help those feeling stuck, heavy, or low. This pure essential oil is ideal for use in aromatherapy, massage, and bath.


One of the most adaptable essential oils is bliss of earth Lemon Grass Aroma Oil , which is excellent for aromatherapy, massage therapy, as well as relief from excessive sweating, aches and pains, and tension. It also works as an insect repellant. Because of its high concentration, this oil needs to be utilised carefully. Before using bliss of earth career oils for anything other than aromatherapy, always dilute.


HIGH QUALITY OIL: The lemongrass plant is steam-distilled to obtain Bliss of Earth Lemon Grass Therapeutic Essential Oil To preserve the oil’s inherent qualities throughout extraction and bottling, we adhere to strict rules. We use therapeutic-grade oil to ensure optimum efficacy. To assure the highest quality, all Bliss of Earth essential oils are wrapped properly.

IDEAL OIL FOR AN AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER: Use an aromatherapy diffuser to enjoy the calming scent of Bliss of Earth  Lemon Grass Therapeutic Essential Oil. Other bliss of earth essential oils, such as cedarwood, eucalyptus, citronella, peppermint, tea tree, etc., can be combined with joy of earth lemongrass essential oil. Use it to create a natural bug repellent by combining it with Bliss of Earth citronella essential oil.

VERSATILE SOLUTION: One of the most widely used essential oils is lemongrass oil. It is renowned for its calming and soothing qualities. Bliss of Earth Lemongrass oil’s outstanding degree of quality enables you to enjoy all the advantages of the fresh, lemony, and earthy aroma. It works well as an insect repellant and is excellent for aromatherapy, massage, and therapeutic uses such as treating excessive sweating, aching muscles, and tension.


100% PURE- NEVER DILUTED: Bliss of earth Lemon Grass Aroma Oil  is 100 percent pure. We never dilute our essential oils with preservatives or any liquid. In every bottle of Bliss of earth Lemongrass essential oil you will get 100% Pure lemongrass oil. So, If want to create your own products with lemongrass oil, Bliss of earth Lemongrass oil is your best & preferred choice

Lemon Grass Therapeutic Essential Oil




How To Use Lemon Grass Therapeutic Essential Oil


Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of choice.
Topical use: Dilute 5 ml of Lemon Grass Therapeutic Essential Oil in 100 ml of carrier oil of your choice for use on your skin.

  1. Another approach to utilize it is to add a few drops of the essential oil to boiling water, then inhale the steam while closing your eyes and covering your head with a towel.
  2. People can also add Lemon Grass Aroma Oil to an oil diffuser. Oil diffusers are available for purchase in stores and online.
  3. The concentration levels of essential oils when people vaporize them is unlikely to be dangerous for adults. However, people should be cautious about using diffusers around infants, children, pregnant women, or pets.
  4. Essential oils are flammable, so people should take care to keep them away from an open flame.
  5. Do not take lemongrass essential oil orally unless following the guidance of a healthcare professional.
  6. Lemongrass oil can be extracted, and it’s been used by healthcare providers to treat digestive problems and high blood pressure. It has many other potential health benefits, too. In fact, lemongrass essential oil is a popular tool in aromatherapy to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

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